baby quilt

baby quilt

So I have been a slacker on the blog, but busy sewing

crookshanks bottom_export

POD add on Crookshanks bottom

crookshanks mid_export

POD add on Crookshanks mid

crookshanks top_export

POD add on Crookshanks top

Wedding dance pattern


This pattern (is/was?) posted on twilight quilter and friends. I’m not sure if it still is, but wanted to make it available here. This pattern is a little different as I desidned it in Quilt Assistant and the first block I drafted on paper then sent it to Shannon at TQAF where she put it into EQ7. Before her help this pattern wasn’t sewable. Thank you

wedding dance 8 in pattern

wedding dance 8 inch

December NBC blocks

NBC 12

NBC 12 8 inch

November NBC block

Nightmare Before Christmas- November. Thanksgiving Jack 8in pattern.

NBC November Jack

NBC BOM November 8in embroidery guide

In the Meadow

In the Meadow

this is a pattern I will be doing for my friends quilt


http://i1138. Photobucket.com/albums/n526/fandominstitches/Blog/thumbs/3brothers_hardhatcat.jpg

This is something I want to do for my quilt. the creds are not mine. Just playing with things that are already out there. I redrew the Breaking Dawn book cover to see if changing with the piecing fixes the accordion effect. In the background I’m going to put 3 of the cloaked figures for the voltari.